Rachel Rutt

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Rachel Rutt's work seems to offer new organic forms to nature's library. Incorporating traditional methods of weaving, knitting, sewing and embroidery, her work never feels far from its source. Rebuilt shapes and patterns look and feel familiar, almost like unburied treasures from the past, or maybe it is the future. 

Rachel Rutt for Mirador.jpg
Rachel Rutt for Mirador.jpg
Rachel Rutt for Mirador.jpg
Rachel Rutt for Mirador.jpg

Drawn to the artist and her practice, we we very happy to be welcomed into Rachel’s home in Sydney. And after speaking about sole-charged discipline and inspired motivation, we find Rachel also has a deep connection to music, a tool she uses to redirect or enhance her mood.

To almost counteract her slow, mindful practice of weaving, Rachel is also one half of electronic act HEART PEOPLE.

A musical project she performs with Ryan Grieves, dedicated to bringing a dynamic, multi-sensory experience. 

Rachel Rutt for Mirador.jpg
Rachel Rutt for Mirador.jpg
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Listen Well

For the up-coming summer, Rachel put together a playlist

to play in the background while sharing a meal with loved ones.

“ I was thinking about having people over at the end of a warm day. They could be family, friends, or your lover. There's a tune for everyone; mostly soothing and soft, but they get the hips dancing. In this scene, everybody is making a meal together, everything is shared. As the day’s heat falls away from the skin, there are smiles tingling on everyone's faces, and the simple pleasure of a sweet summer's kiss being the only reason anybody needs.”

Listen, and be transported, here

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We thank our dear friend, Ophelia Mikkelson for capturing Rachel with such grace.

We thank our right hand muse, Yasmine Ganley of anyonegirl for her written word and curative gifts.

Listen well.Lauren Elise