We are proud of our ethical standards. 

Designing garments to be worn year after year we aim to maintain the quality and beauty of each piece by sourcing high quality fabrics and embracing simple and classic design (such as the much loved staples: the sarong and the kimono). These are guaranteed to surpass trends and contribute to the longevity of the garment, making it a timeless piece.

Transparency is important to us. Our garments are made by either:

  • Women run, Fairtrade and Global Organic Textile Standard accredited manufacturer Oritex.

  • Ethical Clothing Australia accredited manufacturer
    LCN Fashion.

  • Ethical Clothing Australia accredited manufacturer
    Think Positive.


We are proud of our sustainable efforts.

Everything we make is part of a very small run using traditional cuts, and some pieces are made-to-order.

We use water based non PVC printing inks, and our process is regulated (GOTS certified) for minimum environmental impact.

All of our cotton is also GOTS certified. But what does this mean?

By choosing a garment made from GOTS certified cotton you are not only choosing to keep away chemicals from your body but also minimising the impact of your purchase on our planet. GOTS certified garments have serious environmental benefits: 

  • The chemicals and pesticides used in the processing of conventional cotton is harmful to workers and our planet

  • Organic cotton uses far less water than regular cotton

  • Your organic cotton purchase can be composted once you have worn it. A conventional cotton garment made from petroleum will continue to pollute the environment and may never break down.

    Click here to read further on the standard.

Thank you to our conscious consumers.

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