Silk and Seaweed 01 by Rachel Rutt

Silk and Seaweed 01 by Rachel Rutt


A bespoke weaving, handwoven by Mirador muse, artist Rachel Rutt.

Rachel wove this piece mindfully, her intentions reminiscent of capturing the delicate nature of cloth that has almost deteriorated. The weave features brown and green strips of seaweed Rachel collected from the beach near her home.

Rachel’s note on technique

“The lace effect is called leno, which involves individually twisting each warp fibre with a pick up stick as the weft fibre is pushed through. I use this to exaggerate the delicacy of weaving, particularly the qualities of silk. I wanted it to look like a piece of old finery that washed up on a shore somewhere, with a story that can only be guessed at.”

Silk and Seaweed

Approximate measurements
14 x 37 cm

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