Sunflower & Cockatoo Tunic

Sunflower & Cockatoo Tunic


A beautifully hand woven tunic dress, uniquely made for Mirador in Mexico, hand embroidered over a 6 week time span.

Our Lilac Tunic slips over the head for ease, gracefully suiting all body types – a one size fits all garment. Cockatoos and sun flowers are delicately and masterfully embroidered with lilac eco dyed thread. One may wear your tunic to a picnic in the afternoon sun enjoying friends company; a dress made with love for a day celebrating love.

Otomi embroidery is a traditional art form from the Altiplano region in Mexico. The symbols featured here can be traced back to prehistoric roots in the area. As a way of bringing our two worlds together, Mirador worked closely with the traditional artisans to develop the colours and designs as each dress is one of a kind and unique to our offerings. 

100% cotton
Eco dye embroidery yarn

Hand wash in a natural detergent

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