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Designer Lauren's profile on Intent Journal.  

“Mirador sits amongst the small, independent businesses of Australian fashion and contributes to a nicer way of living, providing customers with only long lasting, high quality garments, locally made and genuinely hand crafted.” How have your personal values shaped your business?

I feel very humbled to have created, albeit a small entity, something that encapsulates everything I am passionate about. Mirador is quite a personal project; each textile print is a reflection of my values. I don’t think I could create an outcome I feel proud of otherwise. I always have a focal point that is relevant to my personal life, and hopefully to a lot of other women's lives too—nature, independence, quality, strength, career, maternity, pottery, food, conversation, power. My values stem from these points, which in turn shape Mirador’s values too.

What does Slow Fashion mean to you, and how does Mirador engage in this movement?

Mirador participates in this really exciting movement by designing garments to be worn year after year. I aim to maintain the quality and beauty of each piece by sourcing high quality fabrics and embracing simple and classic design (such as the much loved staples: the sarong and the kimono). These are guaranteed to surpass trends and contribute to the longevity of the garment, making it a timeless piece. I invest in keeping traditional methods of garment and textile making and printing techniques alive and in Australia. I hope this gives some vibrancy and significance to the items we produce!

Everything we make is part of a very small run using traditional cuts, and some pieces are made-to-order. My dear maker Jimmy takes pride in everything he sews; each item is really quite special.

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