Jørn Utzon

Jorn Utzon was a Danish Architect who has become well known for designing my new local haunt, the Sydney Opera House. I have to say, the juxtaposition of man made and planet earth in the harbour, everytime, takes my breath away. 

But Utzon happens to be responsible for a more subtle style of architecture, scattered over the world. My favourite of his designs happens to be his own home, or was before he passed away in 2008

After leaving the construction of the Opera House in 1966, the Danish architect made a stop at Mallorca in Spain on his way home. Utzon became fascinated with the island and decided to design and build two houses Can Lis and Can Feliz. (Lucky guy!)

Can feliz was built within the mountains far away from the humid sea breezes, with big windows overlooking the green pine grove that leads down to the sea. Can Feliz is a building that expresses Utzon's love for the concept of platforms. Utzon designed three blocks containing living, dining and bedroom spaces set side by side. To the right of the entrance hall are the private areas and courtyards, while to the left sits the formal living and working area, a grand theatre-like space over two levels descending towards the spectacularly framed view

“It would seem theatrical,” Utzon has said of Can Feliz, “if I said that I have a household altar. But that’s what I have. This place is my altar. This is where, with the deepest respect, I face nature, and with the greatest passion, contemplate the sun and the land in front of me.”

It would happen that the Danish Arts Foundation Committee for Architecture, together with the Utzon Foundation, have now given architects and other creative individuals, working with or interested in the architecture of Jørn Utzon and his work in general, can apply for a residency. This is something I am going to look into!

The land of the Ceylon

My time in Sri Lanka was on of complete tranquility. The small island is vast and various in its states. I took a few pictures of my point and shoot. 


The Oyster Wrap

Oh you lambkin – you delicious oyster. 

For the times you visit my home town - Woodbridge, Tasmania. 

The Rosa Wrap

The Rosa Wrap:  Featuring the Rosa print, inspired by edible flowers. The dense cotton linen wrap with delicate frayed edges can be worn any way you like.

The fabric holds its own after sculpted over your body. You can use a pin to secure it over your shoulders, or tie a knot with two edges. 

Beautifully  printed and ethically sewn in Melbourne. 


A study: The Mandarin

The Mandarin, in season - Autumn / Orange in colour, so tasty, an every day activity: enjoying each segment. 

A poem by Cassandra de Alba.

On the mountain overlooking your family’s house
in Santiago, I sat watching you undress yourself
of the oranges in season, take them for anything
but remembrance, then begin to feed yourself.

What tree told you to swallow nature
whole and leave nothing behind. Why not ask
the fruit, have you always grown here?

In London, there is nothing in season. Only the
rain grows, so I pick the leaves from the
orange in my chest, asking how rotten
is distance?